No Horseplay

Happy Labor Day!

You know, this whole journey in Hawaii so far, in similar fashion to my life, God has continuously put people in my path for much-needed purposes. That’s one thing I can say with absolute certainty; even when I failed to look for the ways God was working in and around my life, He was still working. This past year and a half specifically, God revealed to me some awesome things that were without a doubt, His work in my life “Behind the Scenes”. It brings me such a sense of comfort, to know that even in my own mess and my own chaos, God still sees me, and He’s still working out His perfect plan in my life.

I’ve been in Honolulu one month now ! Since that first week, God has been putting people in my path with a purpose. The first Uber driver I used, shared with me his faith in God, and asked me about mine. He invited me to his church, and I went! He gave me numerous tips and advice for how to approach the coming weeks, finding my way around here; That is just one example. If you are my friend on Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of my other updates.

This post isn’t going to be too deep, today. A lot of people and kids are off today, for the holiday, and while I was spending some times at our complex’s pool, I was reading “Blue Like Jazz” (awesome book, I’ve read it multiple times) and listening to 4 middle school/high school age kids having fun and talking. At one point they were reading the pool rules, posted on the side, and one boy make a joke about the “No Horseplay” note. “Well, I don’t have any horses to play with, so I’m good!” he commented, and I had to laugh out loud.

I’m working on not taking life too literally. I’m working on getting to actually get to know people, strangers even, because I know we all can find something in common if we try. I know how vital human relationships are to our lives. I also know how difficult that is to do sometimes. I’m working on being more bold with these things. God intervened in my life again today and placed two women in my path that I was able to talk to and get to know. They gave me some great tips and advice as well, and it feels much better to feel like I am getting to know some people in the complex.

So thanks, God. For looking after me another day. 🙂

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Aloha, and Thank you for visiting my blog! I am a fan of all things nature, nutrition, fitness, food, travel, Jesus, mental health, friends, family and fun. I believe we all have little and big moments throughout our life, that change us ever so much. "Life was going along as it does, nothing crazy .... BUT ONE DAY .... " : What happened? Did that experience propel you forward in a positive direction, or drag you down into a negative space? I love sharing my own experiences, answering questions, and hearing about your own journeys through life. Follow me and start a conversation to find out more ! Mahalo!
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