Mahalo to everyone who has started following me on my site, thank you! I’ll try to write updates as much as I can, but the days Josh is off-duty are pretty busy. We are sharing one vehicle, his, that was shipped to Honolulu a few weeks ago. None of his household goods are due to arrive until later in September, but we are doing just fine surviving off of what we have and our creativity.

There have been many “logistical” things that have needed taken care of since moving here, and yesterday we felt pretty accomplished. I picked him up from the station around 0830 and we went straight to the car inspection place. We needed to have his car inspected by a certain date of being here, and registered with the Hawaii DMV, and he decided to go ahead and get Hawaii plates also. Side note: the license plates here are so cute!

He had been given a heads up by some others, that this process would probably be an all-day thing, and that due to Hawaii law we would be going back and forth between the inspection station and the DMV a couple times. The car was required to be inspected before the DMV could register it, but the inspection would fail without the DMV registration, so we would get the inspection done, go wait in line at the DMV, get the registration complete and get the license plates, then return to the inspection station to finish everything up.

In between all of that, I needed to get one of my prescriptions refilled (since we were already downtown with the car), and I figured out last month that my current health insurance wasn’t accepted here in Hawaii. I also figured out that the written prescriptions I brought with me from my doctor back home in Virginia, couldn’t be filled at the Walgreens here unless they were written by a Hawaii doctor. So a month ago I had walked around until I found a walk-in clinic with a doctor that could write me my prescription that I then walked back to Walgreens to fill; therefore I knew where I needed to go today. The same doctor was willing to see me, and though I was still required to pay out of pocket right there for my exam in order to get my prescription re-written (confused yet?), she was kind enough to give me a discounted price on the exam, and a little card to help me get a discount on my medication if the pharmacy didn’t accept my insurance there either. Thankfully I didn’t have an issue with that at Walgreens, since my insurance card was already on file with them.  Josh and I both agree that we have met some of THE KINDEST, UNDERSTANDING people here in Hawaii. So grateful. And that isn’t even the best part of this!

I had been worrying with how I would be able to find myself a new insurance plan now that I am in Hawaii, and had been struggling to pay the nearly 400/month for the plan I already had (ridiculous right?). I went online last week to update my address of living , but I didn’t hear anything after that. Yesterday I got some mail informing me that I had been enrolled in a Hawaii healthcare plan and that all I needed to do was mail the information back to confirm my acceptance. No more huge monthly bill! This plan covered the medication I needed! This plan even offered vision! God is so good. (Shoutout to my mom who video called me while we were at the DMV to help me understand some of my health insurance paperwork by looking it up online for me. :))

Back to Josh’s car … we managed to jump in line at the DMV just as it had shortened some, and all-in-all this whole process of inspection/registration took us only a few hours. We were grateful indeed for all we got done yesterday, and for how smoothly it went, and once again, grateful to God for the people He continues to put in our path along the way. We even had time to cook a nice meal and go for a swim.

It’s 0830 here now, and I’m going to fix some breakfast.  Josh and I were invited to a lunch meeting with the pastor at our new church here. We are looking forward to that, and then a Costco trip to do some meal prep for his upcoming almost 4 days of duty. Maybe we will hit up some snorkeling on the north shore if the weather holds up. 🙂

Let me know that you are here! Leave some comments or start a topic discussion! Happy Thursday everyone 🙂



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