Food Post!

Hey Ya’ll ~

I figured I would make a food post and share with you all some foods we have made/bought/tried since being here in Hawaii! I wish I had gotten photos of all the fun foods we have tried (like the awesome fish tacos from the food trucks at Shark’s Cove!) but this is what I have on my phone. Try not to judge the healthy-ness of it all, haha.

Josh has become a fan of Spam, and these little spam sandwiches with egg and rice called Musubi (I have to pass on that one). I have always been a fan of Hawaiian Pizzas, so I have tried a few versions here! They have all been VERY different, but my favorite was one in Honolulu with pulled pork and sliced jalapeños with barbeque sauce on top. Then we have had plenty of days where we are trying to save money, and we also are limited on cooking utensils (or furniture, see the “box-table”), so have made tuna melts, and eaten canned beans. The pineapple here is of course delicious. And no meal is complete for me without some coffee! 🙂 Hawaiian Host chocolate is THE BEST. And although we have been mostly trying out places to eat that are special to Hawaii, we had to visit Buffalo Wild Wings one night when it was across from one of the hotels we were staying at 😉 for some grown up chicken nuggets.


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