Makiki Valley Loop

Hey ya’ll !

Yesterday I took a solo hike to a new spot; The Makiki Valley Loop. This hike was much different than my last one, the Aiea Loop Trail. According to one trail-finding website I searched, Hawaii has 412 hiking trails! I’ve only done a handful so far.

Makiki Loop was definitely more forest-ey than Aiea Loop. There were points I felt like I was straight up hiking through a rain forest. Everything was gorgeous and green! The loop itself wasn’t posted as being as long in distance as Aiea, so I figured it would be no big deal. Joke’s on me! This trail kicked my butt for sure, but I’m glad I did it! I’m not sure if I ended up taking the loop the “backwards way”, but no one else I encountered was going the direction I was, and it felt like a straight upwards climb over rocks and streams and branches nearly the entire hike. One thing I’ve noticed about hiking in Hawaii is the trails are not always easily marked. One can figure them out, but if anyone knows me, you know how directionally impaired I can be. Thank God I didn’t get lost ! I spent plenty of time before starting the hike to research the reviews and comments online, and to study the maps available. In another comparison to Aiea, this trail was not NEARLY as muddy, which was nice! There were plenty of cliff-like points of the trail, but unlike Aiea, this trail was so shrouded by greenery, that it was kind of difficult to notice how high up you were.

I have to be honest, this trail took me a lot longer to do than I anticipated. I finished at just under 2 hours, which was the time it took me to do Aiea, which was stated as being about twice the distance. My Fitbit recorded a longer distance on Makiki than was posted on the map, but that might have been due to the extra walking I needed to do from the parking area…or maybe I just did it wrong! 😀  I enjoy a good hike that takes a couple hours though! I just didn’t anticipate it taking me that long. This was a GREAT workout. I don’t think I have sweated this much on a hike in Hawaii so far.

The trail itself loops up to 3 separate paths, and by the time I reached the 3rd and final leg of the loop I was feeling like a pretty awesome person for surviving this. As I descended I could hear the chickens again that were congregating around the entrance to the trail when I started and I could smell the food people were cooking and knew I was almost finished. Again, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for the tough accomplishment until a little Pomeranian passed me going the other direction, with it’s owner, at clearly a quicker pace than I was doing. 😀  Oh well.

Here’s some pictures! It was a great adventure, and it ended with a nice view from my place, with the sunset reflecting off of distant buildings and the large pink Tripler Hospital. Mahalo for reading.


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