Visitor Week


Many apologies for going off the grid via social media this past week, as I had the blessing of a wonderful visitor friend from home in Virginia staying with us this week. We went on many adventures trying to get in as much of all that beautiful Hawaii has to offer, during the short visit here. It’s been pretty muggy/hot here this past week with not much in way of trade winds 😦 I hear it’s the first day of fall this past weekend ?? I’m still not sure what to expect in the way of “fall” weather here in Honolulu, but I figure it shouldn’t be getting HOTTER at least right now, right? haha . And still, I truly cannot complain, as I love the weather here. It never feels as hot as the temperatures say, because the humidity is normally so low, and the breezes so refreshing.

My friend returns to the mainland tomorrow, and I should be back to catching up with you all on here with what is happening on my side of the Island. Thank you for keeping an eye out and following a lot anyway way! More later! Mahalo !

About jlgoss

Aloha, and Thank you for visiting my blog! I am a fan of all things nature, nutrition, fitness, food, travel, Jesus, mental health, friends, family and fun. I believe we all have little and big moments throughout our life, that change us ever so much. "Life was going along as it does, nothing crazy .... BUT ONE DAY .... " : What happened? Did that experience propel you forward in a positive direction, or drag you down into a negative space? I love sharing my own experiences, answering questions, and hearing about your own journeys through life. Follow me and start a conversation to find out more ! Mahalo!
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